A Side Table's Best Friend - Battery Operated Lamps!

by Carrie Fitzwater November 16, 2016

A Side Table's Best Friend - Battery Operated Lamps!

Some Accent Tables NEED Cordless Lamps

I keep seeing these beautiful glass or transparent side tables that are overshadowed by ugly lamp cords. After looking for some of our favorite unique side tables, I matched them up with some of Modern Lantern's Cordless lamps. Side tables can get the spotlight they deserve now!

The Leona Cube Table from Pottery Barn is the perfect sized side table, or you could even get a set of two or four to make a coffee table. This table would look lovely with the Bartlett Black Cordless Lamp, because it would be difficult to hide a cord with the glass panes. 


The Hairpin Table from Schoolhouse Electric is so sleek with its mid-century charm, but those steel legs would be overshadowed by a lamp cord... So the Baluster Cordless Lamp would be a great partner!





This Contemporary Side Table from Wisteria has such an interesting shape, it would definitely amp up your space. The chrome legs of this table are like mirrored glass. This table pairs nicely with the Bartlett Ivory Nickel Cordless Lamp.


Modern Lantern loves this Jacques Two-Tier Side Table from Jonathan Adler. The brass corners are unique and trendy. This side table could also double as a nightstand, and how handy would it be to have a cordless lamp to go with it? This rechargeable lamp of ours is the Marilyn Ivory on Brass Cordless Lamp.





This low profile side table is beautiful! Modern Lantern loves Roar + Rabbit Patchwork Side Table from West Elm. The mix of wood and metal is stunning, and would be a great addition to any space. The Bella Bronze Mini Cordless Lamp would sit pretty perfect on this table!




If you have paired your cordless lamp from Modern Lantern with your favorite side table, send us a photo so we can share your story!

Thanks for listening and let us know your thoughts!

Carrie Fitzwater


Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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