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Our Story on How We Created Our Cordless Lamps

Finding just the right spot for an outlet - or just the right lamp with the right look - is rarely easy.  How much simpler would it be to place a lamp where needed, when needed? And, how much nicer would it be to have functional choices with lots of design style? Those are the questions that resulted in the creation of Modern Lantern: Cordless Lighting Solutions that put light exactly where it’s needed most in your home.

Over twenty years of designing and developing home products and interiors, the husband and wife team, Stephen and Carrie Fitzwater, have combined their talents to fill the void of ‘what’s been missing’ in residential lighting --- lighting that can go anywhere. We are now proudly celebrating our fourth year of operation in Fort Worth, Texas, and yes, of course we build our Made in the USA line right here in our warehouse.

With its patented technology, each Modern Lantern is designed and developed by the Fitzwaters. Our designs are then offered directly to you, the consumer. That’s one more reason the Fitzwaters call this a "lighting revolution."

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Where Can You Use Rechargeable Lamps?

The greatest benefit to our patented design is that you can place a Modern Lantern wherever you like in your home or place of business.

A dark and awkward hall table with no outlet can now be lit. Your fireplace mantle can now have a pair of buffet lamps. And, the floating entry table that resides without a floor plug can now finally show brilliantly, like it should! We are solving lighting problems all over the US.

How Do I Recharge the Lamp's Battery?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase (no really --- check our reviews!).

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Modern Lantern, you may return it for replacement or full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase (just please keep your packaging). Also, all of our electronic components (battery, bulb and charger) are covered under our 1-year warranty.

If you have any issues with the performance of your cordless lamp, first read through our User Guide, see the FAQs, and finally, feel free to contact a customer service representative via our Contact Us page.

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