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We are a premier online retail source that designs and manufactures cordless, battery operated, table lamps for homes, events, restaurants, and hospitality markets.


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Our research and development team has combined technology with design to bring you a rechargeable lamp with an eco-efficient LED bulb that will operate anywhere, regardless of outlets or floor plugs. No more unsightly cords. No unwanted wiring. No expensive electrician to retrofit extra outlets. Just beautiful light when and where it’s needed most. And, all made possible with the simple, high performance, rechargeable battery system that comes with every cordless lamp.

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How to Light Your Kid's Room

How to Light Your Kid's Room

After seeing Emily Henderson's latest renovation of a kids playroom, we decided to think of our favorite lighting for kids rooms... 


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2017 Color Trend

2017 Color Trend

“It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life..."


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