Top 10 Reasons To Invest In a Cordless Lamp for your Home

by Sydney Smith April 16, 2021

Top 10 Reasons To Invest In a Cordless Lamp for your Home

How Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps Improve the Safety of Your Home


There are a number of reasons to invest in the design and overall aesthetic of your home, many decorate and organize for their own mental health and wellness, or as a hobby, and even as a career. We don’t often talk about how some design and decor options truly improve the safety of our loved ones inside our homes. So lets go over some reasons why investing in a cordless lamp can be beneficial even where outlets may be available.



No More Unsightly Cords

The obvious in the design world is that cords are just not appealing. Since the inception of interior design professionals have spent so much time and effort trying to hide electrical cords. Some rig them up behind furniture, tuck them away, unplug lamps and fixtures just for photos, or photoshop them out of their photography. With a cordless lamp, you can place a lamp in the middle of a room with no further issue as to where you’ll plug the lamp in, or how you’ll hide that cord once it’s there. Problem solved!


modern lantern bartlett cordless lamp


No More Tripping Hazards

As you can imagine, a lamp plugged in with the cord or an extension cord running to the closest outlet creates a dangerous tripping hazard. May is National Electrical Safety Month, and one of the issues that is commonly associated with electrical dangers is the exposed cords causing people to trip and fall. Electrical Safety Foundation International has many resources and information on the hazards that electrical cords can create in your home, and info on how to reduce these risks. A cordless lamp, may just solve many of these issues.



Pet Safety

If you have ever found yourself thinking “how can I keep my pet from chewing cords?”, we have your answer. Do away with as many cords as you can! Pets are unpredictable sometimes, and the last thing anyone wants to have to worry about is if their furry friend is safe in their own home. Aside from all the expensive training and hoping that your dog doesn't get bored, eliminating the need for a tempting cord is your best option for keeping your pets safe!


modern lantern capri cordless lamp pets


Running Cords Under a Rug is a Violation of Fire Code

A huge problem that typically stems from trying to hide ugly cords, is the hazard that comes with running a cord under a rug. It is a common misconception that this practice is okay and safe. It is not! Electrical cords under a rug are a fire hazard and violate fire code in most places. Cords run under rugs are at high risk of being pinched and/or damaged by furniture, high traffic, etc. Linked here is some information from U.S. Fire Administration on Fire Safety in your home.



Use During Power Outages

For those of us in Texas, this winter taught us that we were not as prepared for inclement weather as we thought we might be. Thousands were without power for days, and while the largest risk wasn't the absence of lamps, it sure does help to have a light source available when the power goes out. We received so many compliments on our product following the winter storms from customers who were so glad they had a cordless lamp to get them through the blackouts. Here is a review from our customer Kimberly, “Looking for a lamp that is not only stylish but also CORDLESS? This is the place. Not only do I love our lamp but everyone who sees it is impressed. Easy to use, easy to carry (if needed during power outages) and just a joy to have.” If you have a cordless lamp from us and want to be sure you always have a charged battery on hand just in case, take a look at our parts page and grab some extras for your emergency kit.


modern lantern bella cordless lamp power outage


High Efficiency

Because of our quick charge time, and high efficiency design, our cordless lamps are actually 20 times more efficient than a traditional corded lamp. Our battery packs charge for about 4 hours, and run your lamp on average about 36 hours of on time. We are able to achieve this level of efficiency because of the low voltage battery design and LED bulb. Our lamps are about as “green” as indoor lamps come.


For Use around Children/Babies and by Moms

Not only are cordless lamps more safe for use by children, they make life easier, which is a huge plus when you have little ones. Our lamps are great for use in nurseries, play rooms, and kids bedrooms for reading at night, and easily grow with the child because they are high quality and timeless. New moms love our lamps because, being so portable and fully dimmable, a cordless lamp is the perfect nighttime solution to create a calm and soft environment to feed and change baby, while still being well lit enough to actually see what you're doing!


modern lantern emily cordless wall sconce playroom


For Use by Senior Citizens

Often there are restrictions in nursing homes to be sure that the elderly are safe and out of harms way. One of these restrictions in many places is the presence of corded lamps. The reasoning behind this is that the cord can cause a tripping hazard as we stated before, which can be fatal for an elderly person, and also that a corded lamp that has fallen over can pose a fire risk. Which leads into the next reason you need a cordless lamp…


The Benefit of a Low Voltage Cordless Lamp

Getting into the technology of how our lamps work, we use a 12 Volt LED bulb that is cool to the touch. Because the bulb stays cool, if the lamp is tipped over on it’s side or falls over, it cannot catch the lampshade or any other fabric on fire, and beyond that the lamp will only stay on as long as the battery is charged if it goes unnoticed that the lamp fell over. This eliminates most of the risk associated with traditional lamps.


Compatible With Use of Smart Appliances

In many homes today, the use of smart appliances such as a robot vacuum is becoming more and more common. The last thing you want to do is wake pop and realize half your house wasn’t vacuumed because your cleaner got stuck on a lamp cord! Of course, a cordless lamp would easily solve this issue.


modern lantern norma jean cordless lamp office


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Thanks for reading, and hope you found some inspiration!


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