Top 10 Functional Products For A Tiny House

by Carrie Fitzwater June 05, 2017

Top 10 functional products for a tiny house

Best Functional Home Products for Tiny Home Living

When we got the call that we were being featured on FYI’s Tiny House Nation, we were both thrilled and intrigued by this crazy new living space trend. As we’re sure you’ve seen, people are ditching their full-sized spaces for ‘tiny homes’ with unbelievably limited square footage but are keeping all the style. Tiny house living is true minimalism and it takes a lot of strategy to do right! We did a little research of our own and found the top 10 products for function and style in a tiny house.


  1. Functional Storage Shelves - IKEA


In a tiny house kitchen, every inch of surface area matters. Crowding what little counter space you have with storage containers won’t make for a nice looking or functional kitchen. By doubling up storage with shelving like in this example, you’ll double your available surface area while storing what you need in a cool, visual way. This particular unit is a custom build but IKEA carries similar shelves.


  1. Extra Couch Surface Area: Wooden Arm Rest


There’s nothing worse than sitting down on a comfy couch with a cup of coffee to find there’s nowhere to rest it. In a tiny house, this is more often likely than not. There’s no space for bulky side tables in a tiny living room. Instead, these couch armrest covers made out of reused wood slats make for easy extra surface area right where it’s needed without taking up unnecessary space.


  1. Fold Up Wall Desk- Great DIY from Yellowtrace! 

A home office is a great luxury most full sized homes might be lucky to have. In a tiny home? It’s even more difficult to squeeze in. This fold up wall desk idea from Yellowtrace is awesome. This unit can be unfolded down to a full desk with storage when needed and folded back up again, taking up no floor space whatsoever. It’s a pop-up office ready and organized at all times! This is a perfect weekend DIY project for a tiny (or regular) sized home. 

  1. Compact Ready-to-go Kitchens: Miniki

Fitting everything into a normal kitchen renovation is hard enough, can you image with just a few yards of space? It’s no longer looking impossible thanks to Miniki’s compact kitchen units. These are the one stop shop for everything a tiny house kitchen needs in a small, simple unit that can be wedged into almost any space. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from to fit any tiny home.

  1. Fold-Up Wall Drying Racks - Pottery Barn

One of the tightest space in the house, the bathroom in a tiny house has to strategic in every aspect to conserve the right space and preserve the right functionality all with style. These extending wall towel drying racks are perfect for storage as well as function in a bathroom. And they disappear when you want more space! 


  1. Convertible Tables - Boulon Blanc



Some tiny homes may not have space for both a living room and dining room. With convertible tables, there is no more compromise! This coffee table turns into a dining room table with just a few steps. Paired with folding dining chairs that can easily be stored out of sight, it’s easy to go from day to night. It looks clean and modern as both!


  1. Cordless Lamps - From Modern Lantern

Electrical wiring can be a challenge in any tiny home, especially as many of them are mobile. With limited outlet options and plenty of other appliances that need to come first, the last thing to worry about should be where to plug in a lamp. Modern Lantern Cordless lamps are perfect for this! They can be placed anywhere and moved throughout a tiny home where necessary (some even outdoors!), with no worries!


capri outside cordless lamp


  1.  Hidden Guest Bed - Julia West Home


Just because you downsize to ‘tiny’ doesn’t mean you have to give up having guests over! You can hide a guest bed right in your living room with this convertible guest bed coffee table from Julia West Home. It’s a beautiful wood design that looks unassuming and elegant. With just a few steps, you can have your guest sleeping comfortably in your ‘living room’ for the night, and back to normal in the morning!


  1. Magnetic Spice Storage Jars - Etsy

Another brilliant way to conserve space and surface are in a tiny house kitchen is a magnetic storage system like this one for spices and such. Storing all your favorite ingredients takes up so much space even in a full kitchen You can fill up these mini jars with the perfect amount, and then stick them right on to your fridge. They're beautiful and functional!


  1. Collapsible Pots - X-pot


Every detail matters in a tiny house. You don’t think about how much space something takes up until you don’t have it! Keep all your pot sizes and be able to stack them like plates with these collapsible pots from X-pot. They cook just like regular pots but you won’t have to sacrifice precious cabinet space for all the ones you need. Just flatten and stack when you’re ready to store.

 Our episode of Tiny House Nation is sure to feature plenty of great tiny house ideas similar to these and much more. We've got a Pinterest board up full of more great ideas. Check it out and let us know what you think of this cool new housing trend. If we missed anything on the list, let us know!


Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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