Top 10 Cordless Table Lamps On The Market

by Sydney Smith November 04, 2020

top 10 cordless lamps on the market modern lantern

The Best Rechargeable Battery Operated Lamps from Modern Lantern

Do you have the perfect place for a beautiful, high quality lamp but no outlet nearby? What if you could get the perfect lamp, but cordless, without sacrificing the design quality of the lamp? Good news! Modern Lantern cordless lamps are just that, and we've compiled a list of the top 10 cordless lamps on the market. We're sure that there is a cordless lamp for any design or lighting need.

Onyx Cordless Task Lamp

onyx cordless task lamp modern lantern  onyx cordless task lamp modern lantern
Our Onyx Cordless Task Lamp is the perfect desk lamp. Desks are commonly the place where many designers have trouble incorporating lamps, because it is near impossible to use a lamp on a desk without having to hide a cord running along the floor. Create your perfect at home office with this lamp!

Emily Cordless Wall Sconces in Nickel

emily cordless wall sconce nickel modern lantern  emily cordless wall sconce nickel modern lantern


The Emily Cordless Wall Sconces are truly one of our best sellers, they fly off the shelves! Can't say we don't understand why. A high quality sconce without having the hassle and cost of re-wiring, you just can't beat it! Fireplace mantels, bedrooms, staircases, we could go on and on.


Mini Metal Cordless Lamp in Brass


mini metal cordless lamp brass modern lantern  mini metal cordless lamp brass modern lantern


For use in restaurants, or in your home, our Mini Metal Cordless Lamp in Brass is a favorite among all of our customers. Its size makes it easy to use in various designs, and of course the cordless feature allows it to live in your dining rooms, centerpieces, in shelves, in the kitchen, just about any where you can imagine.


Bartlett Cordless Table Lamp

bartlett cordless table lamp black modern lantern  bartlett cordless lamp ivory modern lantern


Our Bartlett Cordless Table Lamp is a best seller from our ceramic Made in the USA line. Bold, curvy, and elegant. This lamp comes in a variety of colors and finishes.



Art Deco Mini Cordless Lamp


mini art deco cordless lamp modern lantern  mini art deco cordless lamp modern lantern


The Art Deco Mini Metal Cordless Lamp. This lamp stands out. Even though it is one of our smallest lamps, it makes a huge statement. This lamp becomes the style indicator in any room, event, or restaurant. Unique and yet still timeless.



Capri Outdoor Cordless Lamp


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern  capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


This is our only outdoor rated “wet” lamp. The Capri Cordless Outdoor Lamp is perfect for nights out on the patio. Bring it outside to provide the perfect lighting solution for barbecues, outdoor dinner parties, or a casual night on the porch.



Jynn Cordless Table Lamp


jynn cordless table lamp modern lantern  jynn cordless table lamp modern lantern


Our Jynn Cordless Table Lamp is truest in form to a “Modern Lantern”… see what we did there? Such a unique style that compliments so many designs.


Abbey Cordless Lamp


abbey cordless table lamp modern lantern  abbey cordless table lamp modern lantern


The Abbey Cordless Table Lamp is a statement all on its own. A piece of art as well as a fantastic lighting solution. The perfect addition to a bookcase design, show her off!



Mini Cordless Buffet Lamp


mini cordless buffet lamp modern lantern  mini cordless buffet lamp modern lantern


Our Mini Cordless Buffet Lamps have a telescoping feature that allows you to adjust it to any height you need. This lamp is stunning in pairs, styled on a fireplace mantel, a side table, the bathroom, a bar... The options are endless.



Clove Cordless Table Lamp


clove cordless table lamp modern lantern  clove cordless table lamp modern lantern


Our Clove Cordless Table Lamp has been a favorite for a long time. Hand forged metal quatrefoils repeat to form this stunning table lamp. Topped with an off white fabric linen shade makes for a truly unique lamp that looks great from any angle.



All of our cordless lamps are powered solely by a 12V Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, and include a long-lasting LED bulb. What sets our lamps apart from other cordless lighting on the market is the patented technology that allows our lamps to function like any other lamp, just without a cord! We pride ourselves on a high quality, designer product that is changing the lighting game. 

So, we have to know... which lamp is your top pick? 


Thanks for reading, and hope you love this limited collection as much as we do!


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Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith


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