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Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree - Austin 2018

by Carrie Fitzwater September 04, 2018

Vintage Camper with our Cordless Lamps by Modern Lantern

WOOOOHOOOO! So since April we've been hustling! Working away on this 1954 Owosso Camper "restoration". I use that term loosely as we gutted this gem and redid it in a whole new way, really to make it our own.

The inside had seen some better days for sure, so while we were able to reuse a lot, we had to rebuild everything in it. From the wiring, to the floors, to the curved walls, to the cabinets... everything came out and went back in with style and love. While it was a fun project (except for the polishing!) we really had a goal to have it redone in time to take it from our home in Fort Worth, 3 hours south to Austin for the Tiny House Jamboree last week. We wanted to use the camper as a fun way to show off our super flexible cordless lamps, kinda like a mobile showroom. So off we went!

Setting up for the show (while it was HOTTER than hell) went pretty smooth as the venue was huge, so we simply drove right in, and the product (for us at this point) was a snap to setup. So we finished pretty quickly and then were overwhelmed with all the homes on wheels and even a few built on site just for this national show. This Tiny House show was a BIG DEAL! Then, the following day, we were REALLY overwhelmed when the crowds started coming through. We blew out of our literature within a few hours and probably over 1,000 curious and crafty fans walked in and out of our lil camper. This old camper has never seen so many people for certain! The response was fantastic for both our new project camper as well as our innovative rechargeable lamps. Sunday afternoon ended the show, and while we were totally exhausted, we really appreciated all the cool people that gave us a pat on the backs with all our hard work and creativity. I hope we inspired some people to get in, get their hands dirty, and make stuff and then make it happen. Thanks Austin! Nothing like that Texas hospitality, I'm telling ya! Maybe we will see you again next year?!



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PS Stay tuned for our step by step restoration blog post coming soon!

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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