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think BIG by shopping small!

by stephen fitzwater November 22, 2016

think BIG by shopping small!


small business fort worth local cordless lamp shop
It is up to small businesses to craft things with love and a certain uniqueness and quality that is visible, that you can truly feel, and at the same time take care of their customers like they are friends. It’s called caring and making a difference!
Why shop at Modern Lantern? We are a company that originated 5 years ago right here in Fort Worth, Texas. We love it here, and have lived here and raised our family here for the last 10 years. Our staff consists of a husband / wife duo, and two TCU interns along with some local and global assistance. Our product is an original (now patented!) idea brought on by an interior designer and product designer and their struggle with lighting spaces that have inadequate outlets.

Our custom ceramic cordless lamps are made right here in North Texas and assembled at our small shop. So come visit us if your local, and if you aren't... well we still do our best to take care of you, as our customers are our vital link to our family's well being. If you aren't happy, trust me we aren't happy either. So let's work together to continue to grow and solve those lighting dilemmas everywhere!

cordless lamps made in fort worth texas


Modern Lantern
1500 Northpark Dr, #154
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Thanks for listening, caring, sharing, and supporting our small business. We truly appreciate it!

Stephen Fitzwater


stephen fitzwater
stephen fitzwater


5 Responses

modern lantern
modern lantern

February 13, 2017

Hi Sharla,

We don’t do the retro fit kits yet, but something we plan on in the near future so please stay tuned.

Sharla Tauzin
Sharla Tauzin

February 10, 2017

I have the same question as Catherine. Can I purchase your cordless unit to retrofit an existing wired lamp?

modern lantern
modern lantern

February 06, 2017

Jo Diane, that is all we do;) Please visit our e com site to purchase direct from us and we ship anywhere in the US for a flat $10!


February 01, 2017

I live in SC can I purchase a lamp from you and have it shipped?

Catherine Brosky
Catherine Brosky

January 27, 2017

I have a pair of crystal lamps that were wired previously but I would like to make them battery operated instead. Do you sell kits to retrofit existing lamps? I appreciate any information you are willing to share. Thanks.

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