by Carrie Fitzwater July 31, 2017

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Centerpiece lighting is often key to a complete room design in dining and living spaces. We all love how a good chandelier upgrades and completes a room, but very few of us love the effort and price most chandeliers require for installation. If you, or a client, are renting, there can be even bigger restrictions on your overhead lighting options. Even if you can rewire for a chandelier, often it still can be a budget killer. So I have compiled a few of my favorite hacks for getting around having to install a chandelier for luxurious overhead lighting alternatives. Here are a few ways you can get creative and get the same beautiful effect without the high cost and high hassle of a hardwired chandelier.


1. Ceiling string lights:

This cute cafe example can be done in the home as well. I know, typically you see string lights on patios, but inside I think the industrial effect is even better inside (in the right space). Overhead lighting like these provide the same full coverage, even light output as a big chandelier, but with a whimsical approach. This cafe example is perfect for a large space where you don't want to use 2 or 3 overhead chandeliers to get the right amount of light. For a more whimsical and fun space, this alternative is perfect. 

2. Hanging Planters: 

Sometimes, the design element of an overhead fixture is needed to complete a space, but the light isn't really even necessary. Why not fill the overhead space with something really unique if that's the case? These geometric hanging planters are perfect for adding an interesting central element to a room without having to make it illuminate and dealing with all of the effort that sometimes comes along with it. It's always nice to bring in a little live greenery into a room as well. These particular planters are a brilliant DIY from Home Edit that's definitely worth a try!


3. Arching Floor Lamps: 

Sometimes lighting mounted on walls or ceilings just isn't an option. For cases like this, an arching floor lamp that overhangs the space is perfect. I love this example from Amber Fillerup Clark featured on Becki Owen's blog in her NYC living room. The lamp is from Anthropologie and it feels just like a chandelier in this space, without the extra work of installing one. It's a really quick fix for space that absolutely needs central overhead lighting without installing it all in the ceiling. Coming from a corner, it's just as out of way as any overhead light too in most cases. 

4. Centerpiece Cordless Lamps 

In my years as a designer I often came across the dilemma of having no way to hang lighting from a ceiling, but your space still needs central lighting. So you'll had to get creative. For most other lighting sources, you need to either rewire or hide cords running to an outlet. You can put lighting right in the middle of the room without having to worry about any of that with Modern Lantern Cordless Bella mini lamps. We designed them to fit both perfectly on a small side table, or sized appropriately for larger dining tables to add lighting where you need it. They're battery operated and can be placed anywhere to provide nice warm light and to accessorize your design. They have an optional diffuser so you don't have to see right into the bulb. Problem solved!

bella mini cordless lamps rechargeable

We hope this helps you solve one of the most frustrated lighting design problems and have fun with it, and come up with your own unique solutions to complete your design!

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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