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New Mini cordless lamps setting the mood for the hospitality industry

by Carrie Fitzwater February 18, 2018

New Mini cordless lamps setting the mood for the hospitality industry

Modern Lantern is Proud to Introduce our New Mini Rechargeable Lamps

cordless rechargeable hospitality lighting solution by modern lantern

For the last six years we have primarily focused our efforts on solving the age old design issue for homes... "Where to plug this lamp in?!" With floor plugs (or the lack of them) sometimes trying to dictate how to design your living space, our rechargeable lamps solved that issue for thousands of happy customers in the residential market, and we will continue to grow that effort. With this success, we have total confidence in our latest designs, Cordless "Mini Lamps" which are the perfect solution for restaurants to intimately illuminate their customer's dining experience while freely floating in the center of any table, regardless of plugs.

Modern Lantern has an initial offering of 4 mini cordless lamp designs intended for commercial use in restaurant and event lighting for the hospitality industry. These small but powerful lamps come with two high performance li-ion rechargeable battery packs that easily, and quickly, can be removed and recharged/replaced from a simple click underneath the lamp. With two battery packs restaurants will never be out of the nice warm and adjustable/dimmable light the lamps emit. With a dimmer switch on the front, the dining guest can adjust the light output to suit their needs, from low light ambiance, up to full strength output (to read the menu).

Design of these mini lamps are sized perfectly for dining tables. The high of the lamp does not interfere with the guest, and the light output is never in their eyes. The Art Deco mini lamp has a frosted, alabaster look to the glass domed top and the all metal mini lamps have a small metal lamp shade to send the majority of the light output to the table, with the frosted acrylic diffuser on top to soften the light for the guests.

Performance is key for commercial use so our rechargeable batteries, pack some energy. On the brightest setting they can last up to 18 hours on a full charge, and on the lowest light setting on the dimmer, they can last up to 40+ hours! Recharging is a snap, with a simple finger click the battery pack is released from under the base of the lamp, then the user or staff member simply inserts the second charged battery in its place, taking only a second. For recharging, the batteries comes with a UL listed wall charger that fully recharges the battery pack in just 2 hours!

For more information on our products visit our website, Modern Lantern Shop page or click the images below to take you to the mini lamp of your choice.


rechargeable mini lamp restaurant lightingbattery operated nickel mini lamp for restaurant table lightingdark bronze mini rechargeable lamp for hospitalitybrass small rechargeable lamp for restaurant table

For order information, please reach out to us:

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Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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