Modern Lantern: Our Top 10 Mini Lamps

by Carrie Fitzwater September 09, 2016


 top 10 small accent table lamps

Bigger isn't always better... Sometimes a 'little' light goes a long way in those hard to light areas of your home. Small accent lamps are perfect for bedside, desktops, shelving, baths and vanity areas, and creatively even as dining table lights if you don't or simply can't have an overhead hardwired to your liking. So we've taken the time to pick our top ten small lamps, enjoy!

Bella mini cordless table lamp by modern lantern

Introducing the new Bella Mini Cordless lamp from Modern Lantern! This cordless lamp makes a dramatic statement piece for those difficult to light places, from bookshelves to dining tables. Charge up the rechargeable battery (good for 20 hours of ON time), and light up those little spots without looking at those pesky, ugly electrical cords!  

Agate lamp by Horchow
Gold sphere lamp by wisteria

Traditionally speaking bedside lamps should be a little bit shorter so the bulb glare isn't right in your eyes. Here are a couple of our favorites that foot that bill, the Agate table lamp by Horchow and the Gold Sphere lamp by Wisteria.


sybil lamp crate and barrel
Personalize your desk with the opposite of the "bankers lamp". These pretty little lamps make accessorizing your work space fun! We like how the warm glow of the light showcases the linen shade, and contrasts the clear crystal base on the Sybil table lamp by Crate & Barrel. Faux taxidermy is trendy and fun, and this Ram Accent Lamp from Target would be an awesome addition to your office space.

Ram head mini lamp from Target







Gem lamp pottery barn kids

Who doesn't want to get pretty next to this little gem of a lamp from Pottery Barn Kids. This feminine look is glam and adds sparkle to your space!  

Ghost lamp by Jamie Young

Modern Lantern loves this elegant Ghost Horizon Table Lamp from Jamie Young. The geometric shape is unique, and the stone makes the lamp look very modern. This would be perfect for a sofa table, or in the entry way!

Lamont Uplight by Williams Sonoma

This Lamont Uplight with Natural Brass from Williams-Sonoma has such a great vintage look. The faceted crystal cylinder would go great on a mantle where it would cast light upward, and create a pretty glow.

brass ellipse lamp

The Brass Ellipse Lamp from Anthropologie is a beautiful Art Deco-inspired piece, that almost represents part of an organ piano. This lamp is also doubles as artwork and would look great on a side table or in the entry way.

Modern Lantern loves vintage lighting, and this Brass Ion Lamp Box Set from School House Electric is totally awesome. Get creative with this mini lamp, and find a special purpose for it! We picture it on a bookshelf, or in a work space that doesn't have a lot of room. This mini lamp will add a great eclectic look to your home.

Well we hope we 'shed some light' on this little situation;) and by all means let us know your thoughts and visit our website for more information on our cordless, rechargeable lamps!

Modern Lantern - Cordless Lighting Solutions

Thanks for listening and let us know your thoughts!

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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