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How to Light Your Kid's Room

by Carrie Fitzwater February 09, 2017

Kids Lighting Favorites

How to Light Your Kid's Room

After seeing Emily Henderson's latest renovation of a kids playroom, we decided to think of our favorite lighting for kids. Incorporating your own personal style into your child's room can be tricky, but it's easy to find playful fixtures that still have a modern designer look. Here is some lighting we love for kids rooms: 



ceramic table lamp with pattern from Target

This ceramic Column Table Lamp from the Pillowfort™ Collection at Target is the perfect dresser or nightstand lamp for kids. It comes in multiple fun patterns with stars, stripes and sharks. 

campfire nightlight from Land of Nod

Love this Campfire Nightlight from The Land of Nod, it is fun and decorative for a kids room. Not only is it a great use for a nightlight, but could also provide entertainment on rainy days for a camping trip in your playroom!

modern table lamp with unique shape and bulb

This light from School House Electric could add a modern flare to your kid's bedroom or playroom. The Pop Light has a unique shape that resembles origami.

mini kids lamps with elephant bases

Mini Complete Lamps from Pottery Barn Kids are the cutest mini lamps for a kid's room. The elephant figures add a playful touch, but still look trendy with their geometric shapes.

bird cage chandelier with little birds on it

This Volières Bird Cage Chandelier from Graham and Green is a step up from your baby mobile. These chandeliers are each individually made to have unique birds on them with real feathers.

ceramic table lamp with pineapple shape

The Ceramic Nature Pineapple Table Lamp from West Elm would add a tropical punch to your kid's room! This lamp would look great on a dresser or nightstand, and the gold finish adds a nice touch.

floor lamp with three light globes

This eclectic floor lamp from The Land of Nod would look great in a play room or by a reading nook in your kid's room. The Cosmos Floor Lamp is a little over 4 ft. tall, so just the right height for the kids!

mini cordless table lamp in ivory and brass

Modern Lantern's Bella Ivory Brass Mini Cordless Lamp, which is made in the USA, would be the perfect little lamp to fit in a kid's room. The best part about this lamp being cordless is that you don't have to worry about kids running and tripping over cords, and they can move it anywhere in their room where they need a little extra light!

how to light your kids room lamps
We loved Emily Henderson's blog post about decorating kids' rooms and playrooms; she always has great style! The Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce fits so nicely into this space, and we couldn't help but to admire her lighting choice. This classic look is playful and simple, and inspired us to look at more kid's room lighting!

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


3 Responses

Modern Lantern
Modern Lantern

February 13, 2017

Hi Mercy and Joan, thanks for reaching out. All of our cordless lamps are only available online and you can see the full collection here! thanks.


February 11, 2017

Send pictures of cordless lamps

Joan Holl
Joan Holl

February 10, 2017

Hope you have a catalog.

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