Inspirational Design Trip to Texas Hill Country

by Carrie Fitzwater July 11, 2017

(of all places;)

Vaudeville Design Store

Stephen and I love to travel, have a little fun, and get inspired, and with summer being our slower season, we decided to hook it up to the Texas Hill Country to spend some time. Well we always heard Fredericksburg is a neat place to see, so we loaded up the car and took off to see it for ourselves. First we did a little HOT camping in Colorado Bend State Park in lil ol Bend, Texas. It is a real gem to hike and see some of the prettiest countryside Texas has to offer (just don't camp in late June, Stephen warned me;) But we had a blast anyway.

To cool off we headed in our climate controlled vehicle over towards Fredericksburg and had a quick stop in a near little town called Johnson City (the namesake of President Lyndon Johnson family). We found this gem of a modern vintage shop in Johnson city called Echo. The shop hosted some amazing finds and repurposed art that we were honestly shocked to see in this spot, until you look a little deeper to discover it also had some great art galleries too! Highly recommend this stop (and then Pecan Street Brewing to cool off isn't a bad deal either;).

echo vintage store johnson city

echo vintage inside store

How can you call it a Texas Hill Country Road Trip if you also don't stop at Luckenbach Texas for a cold beer and to hear some genuine country music?! So we did that too of course.

luckenbach country music scene

We arrived and spent the night in Fredericksburg and the next morning went exploring this charming town in the Hill country outside of Austin. What a treat to find this amazing store and art gallery called Vaudeville. Honestly we've seen some nice luxury stores, but this one takes the cake! Here are some of the amazing designs we encountered in the shop, from hand crafted jewelry and decor to amazing furniture designs, and all merchandised to drool for!

So many other neat and fun shops and restaurants to see here, so we stayed another night. TONS of winery and vineyards too! even a Rum Distillery we visited just outside of Fredericksburg in Hye, Texas, ironically called of course... Hye Rum. YUM! I enjoyed a Watermelon Mojito and Stephen had Dark and Stormy. We found some southern hospitality under the trees from the partner Stephanie and James (the distiller himself). What fun to visit another budding small business like ours, crafting great things!

hye rum distillery

And that's a wrap! Had fun, saw inspirational design in the retail world and in Mother Nature, and now we are home ready to get our new product in stock, and start the hustle again. Appreciate everyone's support and we will do our best to keep growing this thing we love, Modern Lantern!

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Carrie Fitzwater

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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