Ideas on How To Hide Those Ugly Lamp Cords!

by Carrie Fitzwater July 07, 2016

Modern Lantern cordless lamp

Modern Lantern's Suggestions on How To Hide Those Ugly Lamp Cords.

With lamps... come cords (except ours but we will get to that later;). And every home has at least one table where those lamp cords are either a tripping & fire hazard or simply look horrible dangling alongside a nice looking end table that complements your home or living space. Now if you have a floating end table, one that is in the center of your room, or a glass/acrylic table, the cord issue is even more annoying. So with that issue in mind we've come up with some methods to hide the cord madness!

photoshop out lamp cords
Well I'll let you in on an industry insider trick! You don't see it all the time but it's undercover work, THE secret to hiding lamps cords.... It's called Photoshop! LOL. Yes this is the best used trick so you never see those ugly lamp cords in any decor magazine, lighting catalog, or online retail store. But honestly that doesn't help you, the end user :(







Kyle Knight designer blog on how to hide lamp cords

OK, here's a more practical method! Modern Lantern loves this idea from Kyle Knight where she did a blog post on how she hides those lamp cords. Using command strips on the legs of the sofa table is super easy to do. Click the photo above to see her step by step method. By the way, the turquoise lamps add some really great color in this living room too! 


Then you've heard the phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!". Well here are a few ways to work around those pesky lamp cords.

jute cord cover by the vow blogWRAP IT!
Here's how you can make your own extension cord look more decorative, and not such an eyesore! Super easy and affordable, and looks great against that colorful rug. Check out the blog post by Nicole at The Vow on how to do this.

bright cord etsy lamp
If you can't hide the cord, accentuate it! This lamp is bright and fun, and the cord makes a statement. Vintage Lamp Spring Fresh Mint Green Gooseneck by EarthSeaWarrior.

chord savers cord cover wood finish
ChordSavers! Here's an effective way to hide cords along wood trim. They usually come in different colors as well, depending on what color the trim is in your house. I had a white one in my room to hide TV cords because the cable outlet was in a tricky spot!

360 West Magazine show Modern Lantern cordless lamp

Let's be honest, the BEST way to hide those cords is not to have them at all! So if you're new to this site, we have a patent on our method. Here at Modern Lantern we operate our decorative lamps via a rechargeable battery, hidden in the base of our lamps. We like to say, "Don't hide the cord, CUT the cord!". The battery is simply removed from under the base (so your lamp can stay where it's supposed to), then charge the li-ion battery up when its not in use, reinstall the pack and VIOLA! you have your lamp working regardless of plugs and cords and all the mess that comes with it;) Here at Modern Lantern, we like to keep it clean & simple.

For a few more proven methods, visit my Pinterest page.

Thanks for listening, and let us know your thoughts!
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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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Modern Lantern
Modern Lantern

October 04, 2016

Thanks Tony, and those odd, hard to light spaces are why we created our lamps. In your case, you might try our new Capri lamp, and you can always swap out the shade on your own for those specific design wants/needs? You can find our Capri lamp here:

tony lamantia
tony lamantia

September 26, 2016

thanks for making the lamps iam looking for somethng that would look good on my island top in the kitchen something thin but heavy and with a small foot print and possible with a palm type material shade

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