Hurricane Harvey - Doing Our Part to Help

by stephen fitzwater August 30, 2017


hurricane harvey houston flooding

By this time I'm sure you've seen some of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left in its path, and while I'm typing it is still reeking havoc on parts of far South East Texas and now Louisiana. My wife Carrie and I live hundreds of miles away in Fort Worth but have two boys in college, ON THE COAST. Our youngest was in Corpus Christi as the storm hit, thankfully he was out of harms way. My other son is safe with a caring family, but stuck, in Houston due to the awful flooding. The stress worrying about your kids is hard to describe, but we are lucky. My family has a lot of friends that will be digging themselves out from this mess for some time in the great city of Houston.

I'm a proud Texan, born and raised in Houston, and building our family and now our small business in N. Texas, and I can't tell you how difficult it is watching our fellow Texans suffer such loss and tragedy from this storm and the massive amounts of flooding that has taken so much from my hometown. But I can also tell you how proud I feel seeing footage of Texans (and even those out of our state!) rescuing and now helping those in need. Modern Lantern is a small mom and pop shop (literally!) but we'd like to pitch in and help.

We are now donating 10% of all sales from our site for the entire month of September to the Salvation Army to help in their efforts to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So spread the word, and if you don't need a cordless lamp, that's fine, but please consider donating to one (or some) of the following charities to help the rescue and rebuild efforts starting now, they really need your help.

Shop our Cordless Lamps and Help Us Donate to Harvey Relief

or Donate Direct!

Other Ways To Donate To Hurricane Harvey Relief Charities

Texans thank you for caring!

PS Did you know our ceramic line of cordless lamps are all made and assembled right here in the great state of Texas! Built by Texans now helping Texans, that's just what we do ya'll!


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Stephen Fitzwater

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Thanks, and Texas thanks you too.



stephen fitzwater
stephen fitzwater


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