How to create a cozy bedroom for your out-of-town guest

by Carrie Fitzwater November 10, 2017

Guest Bedroom Design Tips

collage of accessories for a cozy guest bedroom
Having a cozy bedroom ready for your friends and family that are coming in town is always the most important part of being a good hostess. Make your guests feel at home, and make their trip memorable! Here are some design tips to get you started:

gift bag for guests

This is a great idea for when you have guests in town! Make a little goodie bag filled with things they may need for traveling (gum, toothpaste, chapstick, snacks, water, etc.) and then leave a little note telling them where they can find the things they may need. Dress it up, make it cute, and your guests will appreciate you hospitality! This templated super cute one, you can get at Wishful Paperie!

nesting tables

These nesting tables from Wayfair are simple and perfect for your guest bedroom. They can be used as a night stand, or just little side tables to a chair to set their stuff on.

blankets and quilts

Comfy and soft linens are the best way to treat your guests. West Elm has a great selection, and I especially like these quilted ones.

breakfast in bed table

Sometimes your friends and family need to be treated with breakfast in bed. This wood breakfast table from Wisteria will do the trick!

glass carafe

This carafe and glass set from Crate and Barrel is perfect for a guest bedroom. Great looking, and will be nice for your guests to use.

throw blanket

A cozy throw blanket is necessary for your guest bedroom. Something your guests will need if they take a little nap, or if they get chilly at night. This one from Nordstrom is simple and can match just about design!

gray love seat

This is a great love seat from Ikea. It has capabilities for storage, and you can get different sections of the couch and move them to make a little bed or just a reading nook. This multipurpose furniture is great for a guest bedroom.

flowers and candle

Accessorize your guest bedroom with candles, flowers, and coffee table books to dress up the space. A simple look like this will impress your guests.

bedroom design

Love the Avalon Bed that is styled here from Serena & Lily. This is a great simple and cozy look that your guests will love!

cordless table lamp
Show your guests how modern and trendy you are with Modern Lantern's Cordless Table Lamp in gun metal. This lamp will for sure be a hit with your guests, and make it easy and flexible to design your space since you won't have to worry about plugs!

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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