How Cordless Lamps Can Help With Your Back To School Organization

by Sydney Smith August 09, 2021

How Cordless Lamps Can Help With Your Back To School Organization

Cordless Lamps for Back To School

Are your kids headed back to school? Are you looking for ways to make your home more functional for your busy school routines? No fear. We have some fantastic ideas on how you can use cordless lamps to do just that!


Organize your child’s playroom for back to school! A great way you can make your playroom function for back to school is provide space for them to learn as well. In this adorable playroom, our Emily Cordless Wall Sconces frame a window with a seat to allow for children to have a space dedicated to reading. The great thing about these cordless sconces is that they can be placed exactly where they are needed because they don’t have to be hardwired.


Photo Credit: Stephanie Hoey


Organize your bookcases and add a cordless lamp to make school supplies available and easy to find. If you’re a parent you know that the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is especially applicable to little ones. Creating a space where your kids’ books and school items are in view and accessible can help their little brains excel.


Photo Credit: Sonya Burgess


Photo Credit: Roz Erlewin


If your child doesn't have a playroom or classroom, dedicate a quiet place in your home to study that isn’t their bedroom. This can be especially helpful for children who are easily distracted.


Photo Credit: Hausmatter


Photo Credit: Alaea Ansley Interiors


Organize your entryway to function for you, and give a great impression when your children come in the door after school. A clear space helps facilitate a clear and focused mind.


Photo Credit: House Seven Design 


One space that we often skip over is our pantries! Organize your pantry to be helpful in getting through your daily routines with ease, and make it simple to find what you need. Add a cordless lamp so that even those late night study snacks are easy to find!


Photo Credit: House Of Six Interiors


This time is so exciting for kids and parents alike, but if your home isn’t functioning well for you, it can quickly turn stressful! We hope that some of these tips provided you with great ideas to improve some of those stressful situations.


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Thanks for reading, and hope you found some inspiration!


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Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith


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