Cordless Lamps in E-Design, Featuring: Home Styling by Alexis

by Sydney Alumbaugh June 07, 2022

Cordless Lamps in E-Design, Featuring: Home Styling by Alexis

How Virtual home stylist & organization expert Alexis Peters transforms homes using Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps

“Don't underestimate the power of décor.” – Alexis Peters



 Alexis Peters is a professional home stylist and organizer obsessed with making homes gorgeous. She fundamentally believes that every single person on this planet deserves to live beautifully, regardless of their income. And she achieves this by charging affordable rates and by working via Zoom or Face Time, never stepping foot in the client’s home. She calls it Virtual Design, or E-Design.

Alexis saw an opportunity to bring something unique to the home design industry that would make interior design services affordable to more than just the wealthy demographic. Virtual design makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to acquire the services they need to make their homes beautiful!


If you’ve perused around her website even a little bit it’s clear what this woman is all about:

Affordable, stylish, stunning decor!

Alexis spent years as a production designer for feature films in Los Angeles, California.  As an independent movie production designer, she had a percentage of a fraction of what Hollywood films shell out for blockbusters. By working with an extremely limited budget, she learned how to get from ho-hum to gorgeous on a shoe string.
Thus, she started her own home styling business and solved the one problem we all have with our homes:


How do we live beautifully AND keep it affordable,
like… really affordable?

This is where Modern Lantern comes in.

Alexis quickly discovered she kept running into the same problem in her client’s homes. The dangling lamp cord. That long wire that must be edited out of photos, but is still there ‘loud and pronounced’ in real life.
Alexis found Modern Lantern by searching ‘cordless elegant lamps’, and now uses Modern Lantern cordless lamps in her client’s homes because they don’t have that hideous cord, are stunning to look at, the battery lasts for days, and charging requires almost no effort.

“It’s a no brainer, really. These lamps have changed not just my life, but my client’s lives. They’re my go-to lamp store without question.” – Alexis Peters.

Take a look at the Modern Lantern Lamps Alexis used in her Virtual Client’s homes from around the country!


Bella Cordless Lamp in a Home Bar in Los Angeles, California


bella cordless lamp in home bar in los angeles california alexis peters



Mini Metal Brass Cordless Lamp on a Patio in Chicago, Illinois


mini metal brass cordless lamp on patio in chicago illinois alexis peters



 Bartlett Cordless Lamp in a Living Room in Orange, California


bartlett cordless lamp in living room in orange california alexis peters

Flint Cordless Lamp in a Sitting Area in Nashville, Tennessee


flint cordless lamp in a sitting area in nashville tennessee alexis peters



 Alexis’ latest client uses The Flint lamp interchangeably in her high-rise condo in Chicago, Illinois!


flint cordless lamp in high rise condo alexis peters


Alexis’ work has been published in Forbes, Apartment Therapy, CNET,, Houzz, Orange Coast Magazine, 21Oak, Go Banking Rates, TZR, and Sleepopolis, to name a few.

To learn more about Virtual Design and how it can change your life, visit


Shop All Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps - 


Thanks for reading, and hope you found some inspiration!



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Sydney Alumbaugh
Sydney Alumbaugh


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