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Limited Edition Artist Series Cordless Lamps

by Sydney Smith September 24, 2020

limited edition artist series rust glaze handmade ceramic cordless lamps

Limited Edition Rust Glaze Ceramic Artist Series

We are delighted to bring you this limited edition run, hand crafted on a potter's wheel by artist Noble Melcher of Muddy Soul By Noble in Fort Worth, Texas. This U.S. artisan made stoneware vessel is done in a rust color reactive glaze and sits on our mini cordless black or brass metal base. Every piece in this hand made, limited edition run, is made here in America and every one is unique. The lamp is topped with an off white (or burlap) fabric hardback linen shade. This cordless lamp makes a dramatic statement piece for those difficult to light spaces, from bookshelves to dining tables and more.

We are so excited to highlight Fort Worth local artist Noble Melcher through this Limited Edition set of mini cordless lamps. 


More on Muddy Soul By Noble: 


Where earth meets body, Muddy Soul is right in the middle. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, artist Noble Melcher works in his studio, listening to mid-eighties rock-n-roll and focuses on developing functional stoneware and works of art with the clay at his fingertips.

With a minor in Ceramics from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), Noble started his career making molds and slip casting before slowly growing to love the pottery wheel. Since leaving SCAD, he has moved back to DFW to put down roots in his hometown with his lovely fiancée Lauren (@boyohstudio) in the tiny home they are building.

Muddy Soul is nothing other than a bond between functionality and rustic personality. We bring that bond to the table with items ranging from plates, bowls, and pitchers to flower pots, cups, and lamps. Cooking ware and functionality is key to our mission, as we want our product's to be your home's favorite dishware- where you get lost in the flowing glaze and every mug fits in your hand with a nice weight and elegance. Each piece is hand-crafted as an experiment to further the quest in finding a form that truly reflects emotions and captures movement to bring you and your pottery closer together.


limited edition artist series rust glaze handmade ceramic cordless lamps



    limited edition artist series rust glaze handmade ceramic cordless lamps        limited edition artist series rust glaze handmade ceramic cordless lamps


These lamps come in two slightly different sizes, are custom built on our mini metal base in either bronze or brass, and are one of a kind. The smaller of the lamps is 7" in diameter and 15" tall (pictured on brass), while the larger is 10" in diameter and 17.5" tall (pictured on bronze).

Please check out Muddy Soul By Noble on instagram, and head over to his Etsy Shop to check out his amazing work for sale including pieces such as mugs, pitchers, planters, cookware, etc. All hand made, and one of a kind. For custom projects by Noble, contact him at

Thanks for reading, and hope you love this limited collection as much as we do!


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Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith


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