Design Trend: Gunmetal Finishes for Your Home

by Carrie Fitzwater October 24, 2017

Mixing in Gun Metal for Home Decor

collage of gun metal furniture

Gun metal is in this Fall season! This dark and sleek material is making a breakthrough, and we found some accessories to bring into your space to create a modern and simplistic look. See our best picks to add some gunmetal finishes into your home:

wood bowl

This accent bowl from Anthropologie is so neat! It is petrified wood, and it a super modern and trendy look. This would match other gun metal accessories for that organic touch.

metal fram chair

Love the Origami Lounge Chair from West Elm, and also this stylized picture they did for the product! The iron frame of the chair is unique and modern but not cold or sterile at all.

black pillow

An easy way to bring in the gun metal accent color is with this pillow from Williams Sonoma. The woven leather is a cool texture, and looks very sleek.

mirror window

This 1930s American Factory Window Leaner Mirror from Restoration Hardware is to die for. Mirrors add extra light to your space, and the distressed details in this one add to the antique flare. This piece would make a statement in your space for certain!

living room design
How simple and elegant is this living room designed by Studio McGee! The gun metal coffee table pulls all the details together with the drapery touch, frame, and pillows.

gun metal cordless table lamp

Modern Lantern's new gun metal finish on the Clove Cordless Table Lamp is the perfect new addition to your living space. Gun metal is a hit trend this season, and the sleek style is easy to match with other accessories for your space. Plus, rechargeable wireless lamps can go exactly where you need it to, regardless of plugs or outlets nearby!

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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