Cordless Ceramic Lamps Made in The USA

by Sydney Alumbaugh July 18, 2022

Cordless Ceramic Lamps Made in The USA

Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps have changed the lighting game with our selection of high end, battery operated cordless lamps and wall sconces. Our ceramic line is extra special as they are all made and assembled right here in the United States! We love that we can proudly provide a locally made cordless lighting product that stands out in the luxury lighting industry.

The ceramic bodies of our Made in The USA lamps are made in Dallas, Texas by a ceramist that produces each lamp style and glaze variation in small batches, which then come directly to our warehouse, ready to be assembled when you place your order. Each ceramic lamp is assembled to order in house and carefully packaged with all the pieces you need to function your brand new cordless lamp! This method allows our small business to offer base finish variations so that you get a customized luxury product, perfectly tailored for your space.



Bartlett is a traditional gourd shape ceramic table lamp and is available in Ivory, Gray, Bronze, Celadon, and Lapis glaze.

 bartlett cordless ceramic lamp



Bella is the shortest of our ceramic lamps and is available in ivory, Bronze, Celadon, and Lapis glaze.

 bella cordless ceramic lamp



Flint is our newest style ceramic lamp and is currently available in a Graphite finish.

 flint cordless ceramic lamp



Marilyn is our largest ceramic lamp, and one of our most popular. It features a double gourd shape body, and is available in Ivory glaze.

 marilyn cordless ceramic lamp


Norma Jean

Norma Jean is our only ceramic lamp on our mini base, small but mighty she is the little sister version of our Marilyn lamp, available in Ivory, Gray, Celadon, and Lapis glaze.

 norma jean cordless ceramic lamp



Prisma is our most modern style body, fun and unique, available in Ivory, Gray, and Bronze glaze.

 prisma cordless ceramic lamp


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Sydney Alumbaugh
Sydney Alumbaugh


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