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How To Use Outdoor Cordless Lamps

by Sydney Smith July 01, 2020

how to use capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern

Capri Cordless Lamp for your Outdoor Spaces

Finding lighting for your outdoor space is no easy task, especially when you are so limited to only one outlet, and cords. But look no further, the best option for your outdoor living space is the Capri Outdoor Cordless Lamp from Modern Lantern. The sky is the limit with these lamps, but here are some great ideas on how you could use them at home.


Outdoor Dining 

capri outdoor modern lantern lamp


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


lia griffith modern lantern capri outdoor


These Lamps are perfect for outdoor dining because they provide plenty of light, and can be placed on a table top without worrying about where you can plug them in. Your next barbecue or outdoor dinner gathering just got a facelift! 



Lounge Area

capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern lia griffith


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


Cordless Lamps make entertaining and lounging with friends so easy because you can pick your lamp right up off the table where you were eating, and bring it with you to your favorite seating area to relax and enjoy the rest of your evening.


Lake or Poolside

capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


Your dusk time swim, made so much more convenient by Modern Lantern. Grab your cordless lamp, and head to the water! We love that you are able to bring these out in to nature and make every experience more luxurious than before. No cords and super low voltage make it a safe option too.


Take it Anywhere

capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


capri outdoor cordless lamp modern lantern


Because the Capri Cordless Lamp is rated for outdoor use, it truly takes on the role of a "modern lantern" in the sense that you can easily carry it around and make use of it anywhere you go! While all of our lamps have this capability, the Capri is unique in that it is outdoor rated "wet". 

The simple, classic lines of this lamp are constructed of durable a powder-coated metal, and is topped off with an outdoor off-white linen looking shade, made to withstand the outdoor elements. This unique lamp is solely powered by a rechargeable, high performance Li-Ion 12V battery (safely concealed in the base), and includes a long lasting LED bulb (inside its own housing). It measures 13" in diameter, stands 29" tall, and weighs about 7 pounds. Perfect for just about anywhere!

Shop the Capri Outdoor Cordless Lamp -

Thank you to these amazing designers for displaying and capturing our lamps so perfectly!

Lia Griffith & Amelia Blake

Thanks for reading, and hope you found some inspiration!


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Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith


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Margot Mcnmara
Margot Mcnmara

July 15, 2020

I love all of your products and I would love to have one!!🤗

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