by Carrie Fitzwater July 11, 2017


Stephen and I love to entertain and we’re taking more and more advantage of the outdoors. We love entertaining guests outdoors as much as possible while the weather is nice (we live in TEXAS so you never know when the weather will change??).  Our patio is the new living room! So why shouldn’t we put as much thought into it as we do our indoor living rooms? Your guests (or clients) will appreciate a few extra details added to the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining space. We’d love to share with you here a few ideas from others, as well as our own, that we think you’re going to love for summer!

1. Above Ground Fire Pits:

It’s not quite a fire fit, it’s not quite a heater. It’s pretty much an oversized lantern for your backyard and it’s gorgeous. This particular model from Terrain has such a cool modern look and is so versatile for any patio. It’s space conscious compared to other fire pit options. The mobility of the above ground fire feature of also helpful for smaller spaces. Heat wise, this is so much more effective than a traditional fire pit as it acts like a chimney, since it is contained it is safer too.
















2. Outdoor Cordless Lamps:

Forget string lights! It’s time to really bring the indoors outside with these outdoor Cordless lamps. These can be placed anywhere without having to worry about hiding cords or finding an outlet (which is near impossible on a porch or patio). These look great in an outdoor dining space which are often difficult to light. We love them sitting at the end of an outdoor bar for extra ambiance. 

Outdoor Cordless Lamp

3. Vintage Chandeliers

I am in love with this pool cabana and the vintage chandeliers they used to create this backyard with an elegant flair. Make sure to check out my Pinterest board for more fabulous lighting ideas and inspirations (like an easy way you can achieve this beautiful chandelier look yourself!).

Photo from an article in Lonny Magazine.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Bar Carts:

This can work for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A rolling bar cart is a really easy way to move everything you need to entertain outdoors from the kitchen. It can also be the perfect accessory for an outdoor barbecue set that no one will expect. This gorgeous example from Driven by Decor uses a modern black and stainless steel bar cart, but you can find one to match with any style. We suggest powder coated metal or outdoor rated wood (like teak) if you’re going to keep it outside all the time.

5. Outdoor Swing Chairs: 

Here's a brilliant idea from Ghislane Vinas Interior Design used for this stunning Montauk beach house. Outdoor seating can be tricky with the lack of space and appropriate materials sometimes. These wicker hanging swing chairs are perfect for an open patio you don't want to block off with bulky furniture. They're a whimsical detail no one would expect! 

These were just a few of our favorite ideas. You can check out our Pinterest board for more unique outdoor patio ideas! We hope these are helpful for some summer inspiration!

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Carrie Fitzwater

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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