5 Unique Lighting Ideas To Transform A Living Room

by Carrie Fitzwater June 19, 2017

Unique living room lighting ideas

Transform your Living Room with These Unique Lighting Ideas

Revamping a living room can be a daunting task and finding out where to start can be a little tricky. It’s hard to find exactly what you don’t like and what could be improved. It’s even harder to find ways to switch up the look without spending too much. It’s the little changes that count and one of the most impactful ideas that many don’t think about is lighting. We know poor lighting makes for bad photographs, but how about it’s effect on the overall look of a room? It’s too often overlooked! As lighting experts, we’d love to share with you a few of our favorite unique lighting ideas to transform your living room! You’d be amazed how far a little good lighting will take you.

1. Statement Lighting: Huge Four Ginkgo Leaf Brass Floor Lamp by Tommaso Barbi

If your living room is lacking dramatic flare or a eye-catching center piece, it may be time to update your lighting with something similar to these gorgeous gold floor lamps. These would be stunning in either a modern or traditional design. They add art to a space where you would least expect it - the lighting!

2. Wall Sconces: Beautiful example from Amber Interior Design

When we think wall sconces, we typically think outdoors or around the front door, right? That’s why we love this example from Amber Interior Design so much. This look is so unique and it works. Plus, using wall sconces as lighting in a living area takes up no floor space for areas that are a little short on room. Paired with the effortless layered art above the mantel, this feels like a gallery. We bet these create some perfectly dramatic lighting as well around this mantel at night. So unique and easy, anyone can pull this off with any style!

3. Light up the indoors with the outdoors: Terrarium Floor Lamp by Autumn Workshop

We recently did a blog on patio lighting and our favorite ideas for bringing lights outdoors. Here’s a twist: bringing the outdoors indoors with this unique terrarium floor lamp. This has such a natural look, it fits in well with many different styles and room designs. The touch of green is a much more interesting alternative to potted plants or flowers. It has such a naturally calming look but the exposed bulb makes for a really powerful light source. This lamp is a perfect functional centerpiece or accessory to a modern, natural living room.

4. Retro Overhead Lighting: Rowan Linear Chandelier from William Sonoma

There’s no style that couldn’t benefit from a little retro touch! We love this versatile chandelier from Williams Sonoma. It’s just simple enough to fit into any look: modern, traditional, contemporary, etc. It’s highly functional as well with multiple bulbs that illuminate your space; it makes the perfect centerpiece to switch up the focus in your living room. This chandelier perfectly pulls the room together in the example above. If you have a poorly lit or lackluster space, a vintage looking piece like this one is perfect for both functionality and style.

5. Cordless Lighting: Clove Table Cordless Lamp from Modern Lantern

No matter what type of lighting you’re putting in, lighting any space can be a real pain when trying to deal with finding outlets, rewiring, and hiding those ugly cords. Thankfully, those days are over. It’s simple to add new, interesting lighting elements to update a living room with Cordless lamps! Modern Lantern has a nice collection to match all styles and functions for any living room. The Clove Table lamp above is perfect for side, console/sofa tables or entry way tables. It’s champagne finish fits in with plenty of color schemes from warm brass to brushed nickel. You can drop it right in where you need extra detail or lighting and move it anywhere else, no worries!

Lighting can often end up being an afterthought in many living room designs. You fit a lamp in where you can. But really lighting has a huge effect on the overall feel of a room and how much your design looks. Even the most beautiful living rooms without the correct lighting won’t be nearly that without the finishing touch of lighting. If you make lighting a priority and revamp with a few of the ideas above, you’ll see your living room in a whole new light.

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Modern Lantern - Cordless Lighting Solutions

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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