5 Designers Show Us How To Design An Incredible Home Office

by Carrie Fitzwater September 25, 2017

Designing the Home Office 

The home office can be one of the most difficult spaces to fit in and design for optimal functionality, without compromising on style. To get your gears turning and inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of five versatile designers whose home office designs strike the perfect balance between functional and beautiful:

1. A Simple, Traditional Work Haven by Vanessa Francis

Vanessa Francis brings us the ultimate traditional home office nook with this design. This custom built office space takes up just one wall but gives you everything you need to stay organized and productive from home. We love the all-inclusive, yet organized set up. Her color choices are calming as well. The dark indigo green-blue combined with natural finished wood, metallic details, and clean white, makes this space look professional and yet inviting - just as a home office should be. The custom built cabinetry around the desk is an organizer's dream! Her final touches complete the calming look with natural flowers and favorite inspiration photos all pinned up.

2. Highlight of this Home Tour by Crystal Reeves

cordless desk lamp modern lantern

For a ASID Home Tour in Houston, Texas, designer Crystal Reeves creates this luxurious modern dream home office that did not disappoint. Crystal’s use of clean lines and stone mixed with warm, soothing colors, creates a perfect work-relax balance that every home office should provide. The ultra modern glass top desk means business, along with the built-in cabinetry and shelving systems for maximum organization. The lighting that really helps to seal the deal for this home office. The shelves are feature walls in themselves with internal lighting and the Cordless task lamp by Modern Lantern is a perfect match, functionally and aesthetically, for this floating desk. No ugly cords or outlets required!

3. Dana Frieling Brings the Outdoors In

“Office” doesn’t have to mean dull and boring! Dana Frieling takes an interesting twist here by creating a faux greenery backdrop for this home office nook, accompanied by very appropriate nature prints. This stands out brilliantly in the otherwise clean white space. Small wooden details in the custom built shelving to the left, and right, of the desk continue the natural theme. This space can be customized with personal knick-knacks and photos for an eclectic look. The silver accents in the chair, task lamps, and accessories keep the space looking modern and professional as well. Beautifully done! 

4. Intentionally Eclectic by Ranji Alex

Be inspired by the things around you! Ranji Alex creates an eclectic yet well planned workspace that looks like an inspiration heaven. There’s so much to look at and so many patterns and colors working together in harmony. Yet nothing looks overwhelming (which is truly an art!). Rajni Alex mixes proven productivity-enhancing colors, blue and orange, for the basis of this diverse look. She layers on interesting patterns in different elements strategically placed throughout the room. The gold accents sprinkled throughout give a hint of luxury that ties this space together so nicely! The modern glass and plexiglass table and lamps make this look so fresh and new. So well done!

5. Modern Luxury Meets Work by Kelli Ellis

A little different from the rest, this glamorous home office by Kelli Ellis mixes dark and light, ultra modern and traditional, to create quite an interesting space to set up shop. The exposed brick mixed with ultra feminine wallpaper makes this the perfect home office for a girl boss. The ultra-traditional desk and chair mixed in over poured concrete floors marry the two styles perfectly. The gold accents in the shelving, accessories, and Cordless task lamp by Modern Lantern on the desk, add the final touch of glamour to this home office.

All these styles and spaces are so different, yet all achieve a functionality and personality of their own that every home office should try to accomplish. We hope you’re as inspired by these designers’ incredible home offices as we are!

Thanks for listening, and hope you found some inspiration! 

Carrie Fitzwater 

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Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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Modern Lantern
Modern Lantern

January 29, 2018

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Janet Brunner Riley
Janet Brunner Riley

January 19, 2018

I was so excited to come across your website! I’ve been looking for a cordless lamb and had only found ugly, cheap plastic ones. Your Mini Cordless lamp in brushed nickel looks perfect. It’s out stock but I left an email for a heads up when it’s back. What a great site you have and wonderful looking products.

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