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PATENTED! innovation.

Photo by Leo Wesson

So as of August 4th, 2015 we (my business partner and lovely wife Carrie and I) are patent holder for US Patent No. 9,097,399  - Cordless Decorative Lamp.

After 4 years of working with our patent attorney (James Walton out of Burleson, TX) we are pretty darn proud of this achievement.

So what does it mean for a small business or entrepreneur? Well that's a lot to dissect. Honestly the biggest thing, in retrospect, is at least we can say it was money well spent;) cause it's quite an investment when you consider that dough could have been spent on much needed inventory!

Another thing is... as a small business owner you end up sacrificing so much, and like anything worth while it takes a long time to start to see some rewards from all of your hard work. After time this product idea began to turn into a vital asset for our company and if it's worth doing right, it's worth protecting.

In short... it's kinda like building or remodeling a house. It takes twice and long and costs twice as much, but you'd better build it on a strong foundation!

Stay tuned for an announcement on our Patent Party (any excuse to throw a party right;)

To learn more about our baby, visit our website at:

Thanks for listening,
Stephen Fitzwater

  • Modern Lantern says...

    Hi Angela, thanks and it bugs us too! LOL, so obviously we did something about it;) While there are some very small ‘egg’ like cordless lamps on the market, we hold the patent for retrofitting any that look and function like a real lamp. We will be working on some smaller ones soon, we have the designs ready;) Thanks!

    On Nov 19, 2015

  • angela kelley says...

    Hello, I have been looking for this lighting look all of my adult life! It always bothered me that tv shows lamps on restaurant tables, they’re much brighter than candles, and there’s no cord. Most lately the show Mad Men. I am looking for smaller lamps, specifically lamps on dining tables where guests can see over it for conversation. Actually, I have just started shopping on line, possibly it’s already out there somewhere. Anyway, great idea!

    On Nov 14, 2015

  • Modern Lantern says...

    Hi Judith, thanks for the comment. We are a small but growing company and we are adding them as fast as we can;) Please stay tuned!

    On Nov 06, 2015

  • Judith Conley says...

    I see many other choices on your advertisement, but when I go to shop there is a limited styles. I love the idea !

    On Oct 21, 2015

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