Photo by Leo Wesson

So as of August 4th, 2015 we (my business partner and lovely wife Carrie and I) are patent holder for US Patent No. 9,097,399  - Cordless Decorative Lamp.

After 4 years of working with our patent attorney (James Walton out of Burleson, TX) we are pretty darn proud of this achievement.

So what does it mean for a small business or entrepreneur? Well that's a lot to dissect. Honestly the biggest thing, in retrospect, is at least we can say it was money well spent;) cause it's quite an investment when you consider that dough could have been spent on much needed inventory!

Another thing is... as a small business owner you end up sacrificing so much, and like anything worth while it takes a long time to start to see some rewards from all of your hard work. After time this product idea began to turn into a vital asset for our company and if it's worth doing right, it's worth protecting.

In short... it's kinda like building or remodeling a house. It takes twice and long and costs twice as much, but you'd better build it on a strong foundation!

Stay tuned for an announcement on our Patent Party (any excuse to throw a party right;)

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Thanks for listening,
Stephen Fitzwater