Hospitality Design Expo - Tradeshow Madness

Modern Lantern at HD Expo trade show

So you know the feeling when you are clearly 'under dressed'? Or perhaps I should say fully naked in front of a group of strangers? Well that's what it feels like rolling your SUV pulling a U-Haul trailer into the MASSIVE production that is the HD Expo trade show at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. We were literally dodging cranes that were hanging $10,000 signage for the BIG boys, while we were busy toting our cordless drill and assembling our IKEA cabinets. But honestly, there is no time to freak out, you've been freaking out for weeks already! So... ROLL ON and get over it! LOL! You got a booth of cordless lamps to show the world, so it's go time;)

On a shoe string budget (that is the entrepreneur way!) we  pulled it off A-OK. Our booth was ready for the show and we had fun showing off our unique product to designers, architecture firms, restaurant developers and high end hotels chains. Our cordless lighting solutions received warm receptions and outside of some cutting edge tech stuff getting stolen from some low-lifes, we had a blast and made some very good contacts.



Of course you don't want to work so hard you have no energy left to play in Las Vegas! So we did that up as well. We really enjoyed hanging out in the totally revamped area downtown they call Fremont. So many great restaurants, bars, and our two favorite spots to blow off some steam were the Container Park and this retro video game joint called Insert Coins. I had no idea my wife totally jams at Centipede! She thought she set the record, until the next night the record books were cleared;) but I was impressed and that's all that matters!


carrie fremont las vegascetipede

Hope to see ya again next year Vegas!

  • diane turney says...

    Looking for 2- 3 cordless lamps. Please email me what you have.

    On Aug 22, 2015

  • Modern Lantern says...

    Hi Gillis, thanks for chiming in! We will have a couple of small task/desk cordless lamps later on this year (hopefully early September) so please check back.

    PS the brass desk lamp is actually a plug in model that charges your mobile phone on the base of the lamp with out needing a cord if that makes any sense;) It uses"QI" technology.

    On Jun 25, 2015

  • Gillis Heller says...

    Wish I could’ve been in Vegas to see your stuff! Especially that desk lamp in the picture. That (or, even better, a cordless-ized tizio) is what I’m looking for for my office.

    Do you ever exhibit at trade shows in Asia?

    On Jun 22, 2015

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