by stephen fitzwater April 15, 2015

Made in USA cordless lamps by Modern Lantern

Yes, really! and this is much more of a rarity than you might imagine for the lamp industry, trust me we’ve been hunting.

Little background info, ceramics we have done in the past were made overseas, China to be specific. And you know what, for our volume (not huge;) they didn’t look at all what you might imagine (giant mills cranking out everything by machines). They were mom and pop factories, very hands on, run by very nice people, not so different than ourselves really. The main issue is even a small village factory, hours outside the city, still wants a large volume order of 200-300 pieces of one lamp body. For us that is economically challenging even though we REALLY LOVE ceramics. So when we entertained the idea of doing ceramics with a factory in the US we pretty much came up empty handed until that is, we met John.

About 1 year ago, we met a guy by the name of John Scales and he is a second generation ceramist and had a small factory in Kentucky that made ceramic accessories and lamp bodies for the industry. He was moving this small factory from Kentucky to of all places Dallas and for those that don’t know this, Modern Lantern’s home is Fort Worth, less than 1 hour away! So needless to say we thought, “How cool would that partnership be?!”. So we kept in touch.

So long story short, we kept in contact and watched eagerly as John began to get his setup, Stoneware Designs, going here in Dallas and he (sort of starting over) was eager to give Modern Lantern a try as a customer. So we started that process and months and months later we are here!

So give us a new look and let us know what you think of our new limited series of made in the US cordless table lamps. Just a side note, the shades are also coming from North Texas from a company called Texas Lamp Parts, in Forney. These linen drum shades are almost as beautiful as the crackle ceramic bodies they partner with.

We are really proud of our new line and they start shipping next week, so get ‘em while you can! They won’t last long.

Thanks for looking!
Stephen & Carrie Fitzwater

stephen fitzwater
stephen fitzwater


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August 12, 2016

OMG!!! I stumbled across your site kind of haphazardly but I’m in love!! Being a native of Fort Worth, Texas myself I’m totally sold on your lamps and they are exactly what I’m looking for!! Now the hard part of deciding which ones I like/will work best in our family room. So excited I found your site.


Modern Lantern
Modern Lantern

November 19, 2015

Hi Allison, unfortunately our ceramic supplier in Dallas had a difficult time controlling the two glazes so we don’t have that one any more. BUT we did both finishes on separate Bartlett lamps, the ivory crackle and then the metallic bronze. Thanks!


November 15, 2015

Do you have any of the ones on the far right? With the bronze top?

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