“Do you guys know…you’re the only ones really doing this?!”


Cordless LED lamps

We do hear that, A LOT!

My wife and I also hear, “Well, I thought of that?!” or “Finally!”.
So inquiring minds wanna know, why?…
That’s because we are crazy, pretty much what I have decided:) That’s the short version.

Kidding, we are just crazy enough to be entrepreneurs in a time where the economy is well.. you know the drill there, and personally speaking we are doing this at a time when we have teenagers about to head to college, if that wasn’t crazy enough. To be honest, it’s not real easy or someone would have done it already. Also the short version! No we aren’t millionaires (really far from it!) and yes if you call, you will talk to one of us (me or my lovely wife Carrie), and no we aren’t engineers (although we consult with some) we are just creatives that saw a need and decided we’d go for it and so far customers really appreciate it! So now we just got to keep working real hard on the millionaire thingy! REAL HARD:)

Thanks for looking!
Stephen & Carrie Fitzwater

  • Modern Lantern says...

    Hi Geo, actually the bulb is a 12V LED and it runs off a rechargeable li-ion battery that is hidden in our custom designed base. We might consider selling the retrofit kit in the near future though;)

    On Jun 25, 2015

  • Geo says...

    is the bulb showing above that makes it work or is it inside the lamp? Reason I’m asking is I have a beautiful plug in lamp which I can’t use do to end table is in the center of room with no electrify outlet. If I can use your bulb in my lamp for light that would be great! Please let me know. Thank you

    On Jun 18, 2015

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