Highlights from Highpoint (Spring Market 2016)

by Carrie Fitzwater April 20, 2016

Designer Kelli Ellis incorporates Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps into her designs at the 2016 Highpoint Furniture Market.

Kelli Ellis Design for Universal Furniture Showroom High Point Spring 2016

Universal Furniture Showroom with Designer Kelli Ellis

It’s every designer or design enthusiasts favorite time of the year! This spring’s Highpoint Furniture Market has shown us what exciting trends and products to expect in the world of furniture and interior design in the year to come.

HGTV interior designer and design psychology author Kelli Ellis shared some of her designs this year at market in a very mid-century inspired room display for Universal Furniture. Kelli used a simply modern and clean-lined design style but upped the luxury with flamboyant details like the mega-tufted blue velvet couch and stunning glass wall art. The room also fell in line with recent spring trends (which we’ve loved seeing!) that are much more “natural.” All the colors used are nature-inspired, and there are elements of green, both live plants and accessories, throughout the room. The result? A stunning, luxurious and modern room with a hint of the outdoors brought in.

Universal Furniture Kelli Ellis Interior Design

Kelli also took an eclectic approach to the design. All of the pieces are related but a little unique and individual. Making the look “unintentionally perfect.” The mixing of patterns and textures help add to the eclectic look while the natural tones and accents mentioned above pull it all together! 

Clove Cordless Buffet Lamp High Point

For lighting, Kelli went Cordless with our Clove Cordless table lamp. It fit perfectly within the eclectic modern style, and she was able to put it on any surface without having to worry about extension cords, outlets, or modifying her design for lighting. The champagne finish looks perfect in this space and fits in beautifully with almost all other styles and color schemes. Simple, convenient, and with a hint of luxury! Beautifully done!

Thanks for listening, and let us know your thoughts!
Carrie Fitzwater

Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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