Bartlett Peppercorn Cordless Lamp - Made in the USA



This U.S. artisan made stoneware is done in a dark warm gray glaze that is very sleek and simple. Every piece in this hand made, limited run, is made here in America. Topped with an off white fabric hardback linen shade, that is also made in the USA! This cordless lamp makes a dramatic statement piece anywhere in your home regardless of plugs. This unique lamp is solely powered by a rechargeable, high performance Li-Ion 12V battery. This eco-friendly, low wattage lamp includes a long lasting LED 12V bulb. Charge up the battery, and light up your home anywhere you desire regardless of outlets!

  • 15" Dia. x 26"T
  • Dark peppercorn gray glaze contrasting with brushed nickel metal components with an off white fabric drum shade
  • INCLUDES rechargeable Li-Ion 12V battery, charger, and warm colored LED bulb
  • Provides equivalent output as standard 50W bulb (550 lumens) for up to 19 hours on a full charge, but uses only a fraction of the electricity.
  • Lamp, shade, and assembly is all made in Texas!
  • NOTE: This lamp is custom built and may take up to 1 week to ship

  • 15" Dia. x 26.5"T
  • Dark, warm colored gray ceramic and nickel finished base with an off-white fabric linen shade
  • Shade: 15" diameter, 10" high
  • Base: 7.75" diameter, 1.75" high
  • Battery (included): 12v Li-Ion super rechargeable battery, comes with AC converter/charger
  • Battery Life: Tested for over 19 hours of life per charge
  • Charge Time: Approx. 3.5 hours
  • LED Bulb: 12V, 5 Watt warm light bulb (approx. 2700K), lifespan lasts over 30,000 hrs. of use
  • Weight: Approx. 7 pounds
  • Designed and Made in the USA!
  • UL listed and patented


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love it!

I couldn't be happier with my lamp. It arrived well-packed in a timely manner.
It's beautiful and works better than I even hoped! Thank you for a great product!


I am 100% satisfied with my cordless lamp! Looks and works better than I ever expected. I love that I am able to have a lamp on my end table in the middle of the room without having cords running across the floor. Not only am I impressed with my new lamp, but customer service is excellent! I had a question regarding bulbs and left a message on the Modern Lantern voicemail after hours and received a call back first thing the next morning. I highly recommend these lamps!

Finally-A Nice-Looking Solution

No lighting solution with a plug was going to work in the middle of our large living room. Everything battery-powered that we saw online looked like a camping lantern until we found Modern Lantern! We've had a few questions, and they have been great at answering them. 'Cause they're from Texas, y'all. We're nice down here.

Love it ya'll! Thanks so much!!!
An illuminating experience!

We received our Bartley lamp in Peppercorn (great color!) a few days ago and we love it. Prior to discovering Modern Lantern I had an elaborate scheme for having table lamp in the middle of our loft apartment between two club chairs several ft away from the nearest power source. This involved rewiring a lamp to have a 16 foot cord, custom making a pad for the table where I would channel the underside to accommodate the cord, fabricating a custom floor length tablecloth, cutting a hole in a new 10x14 Persian rug, making a channel in the underside of a thick rug pad and running a cord 14 feet under a coffee table and sofa all the way to the nearest receptacle. Phew! Modern Lantern provided a solution to this time consuming and expensive project!! Now we have a beautiful and simple solution that we can move around with ease if we need more light in another location. Thank you Modern Lantern! Not to mention your service is impeccable!!

WOW! now that is a review;) Thanks so much and if you ever need help just reach out. Glad to have such awesome customers on our side!
So Beautiful!

I love my lamp. I needed a lamp in an area of the room that had no electrical outlet. This lamp is so beautiful and well made. I am
very happy with my purchase . I would definitely purchase another one of these lamps.

Wonderful, thanks for the review. We do offer discounts for repeat customers too so reach out when you are ready for another cordless lamp;)
Surprisingly great

I am impressed by the quality of the lamp and the light it provides to the room. We have a large living area that has no electric outlets in the floor and furniture that floats in the center of the room. We have can lights in the ceiling, but we've never found those to be an adequate solution to lighting a room. We did not want to create hazards by having lamps plugged into wall outlets with the cords stretching across walkways surrounding the furniture. Cordless lamps were the only solution and we were highly dubious that they would be satisfactory. We were, therefore, surprised at just how great this little lamp is. It's well made, quite attractive and actually throws off enough light to greatly enhance the living area. The lamp is absoliutely worth the price. We may get more now that we know how good they are.

Thanks so much Caroline for your valued opinion!