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Xtra MINI Li-Ion Battery Pack


NOTE: All MINI lamps already come with 1-2 rechargeable battery pack(s) in the base, this is an extra or replacement battery pack.

$5 USPS shipping fee within 48 states.

Every mini lamp comes with at least one rechargeable battery pack (two if you have our commercial Minis). Get an additional pack for zero downtime during recharging or if you need a replacement.



    • Exclusive to Modern Lantern
    • ONLY fits inside our MINI lamp's base (not for use with our larger lamps)
    • 2.5" W x 3.875" H x .875"D
    • Input: DC 12V 2A (works with our UL listed wall charger only)
    • Output: DC 12.6V 1.2A, 2600mAh

    Please recycle by calling 1 800-8Battery or visit