Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps for Your Home's Forgotten Spaces

by Sydney Smith February 01, 2021

Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps for Your Home's Forgotten Spaces

Using Modern Lantern Cordless Lamps in Your Home’s Forgotten Spaces

When people see our product, or any home decor product for that matter, most think "where would I put this?" and often the first thought is living room, kitchen, office, etc. While these are all places that you definitely need a cordless lamp, don't forget those spaces in your home that are more often than not forgotten when it comes to decor! Spaces such as your closet, hallway, laundry room, and even your pantry need sprucing up as well! Our cordless lamps are perfect for these forgotten spaces because they are compact, and don't require an outlet in these areas that outlets aren't always found. Keep reading for some ideas on how you can use a cordless lamp in these locations in your home.









Laundry Room







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Thank you to these amazing designers for displaying and capturing our lamps so perfectly!

Staging with Style by RozSonya Burgess, and House of Six Interiors.

Thanks for reading, and hope you found some inspiration!


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Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith


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