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NOT your Grandmother's Brass

by stephen fitzwater April 16, 2015

brass trend lamp 2015
So brass is back in decor, has been for a little while and becoming more widely noticed. If you’ve missed it or been reluctant to introduce the warm metal finishes to your home don’t be frightened. This isn’t a tribute to bad brass in bright and shiny plating like entry-level, home builder grade, fixtures or your grandmother’s shiny candlesticks;) Using brass in your home can be inviting, trendy, warm, and provide a nice pop of contrast against other brights or just simple whites.
Here are a few examples we thought were well done.
(Don’t mind the shameless lamp plug with no plug;)
From Best Design Projects blog
brass revival 360 west magazine fort worth
  From the; MA Allen, owner and designer at MA Allen Interiors; Photo credit: Emily Followill

stephen fitzwater
stephen fitzwater


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Modern Lantern
Modern Lantern

July 30, 2015

Hi Alan, sorry just saw this comment:( We normally have those for sale on our site but unfortunately we are waiting delivery. Should be up soon! Good note is now they are up to 20 hrs of performance time!

Alan Lieberman
Alan Lieberman

June 30, 2015

I’d like to order an extra battery-pack for the Baluster Antique Brass Cordless Lamp. I don’t see that option on the website. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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