Modern Lantern: Our Top 10 Lighting Products for Living Outdoors

by Carrie Fitzwater April 01, 2016

Top 10 outdoor lighting products for 2016

Spring is here! And not sure about you, but we are enjoying every bit we can, even if it means getting out of our home or office to relax after hours. With that in mind we thought it would be good timing to showcase our thoughts on top outdoor lighting products (and we just so happen to have our own new outdoor cordless lamp. ;)

Outdoor Cordless Lamp

Havana outdoor cordless lamp by modern lantern

Well let's start with our new introduction, Havana. Havana is Modern Lantern's new revolutionary lamp that is beautiful, functional, and resistant to the outdoor elements, and best of all, it's cordless! So it can grace your outdoor living space anywhere you want it to, from porch to poolside. Its poly rattan body and fabric shade are weather resistant, and the rechargeable battery sits in the base powering a LED bulb. With a charged li-ion battery pack it powers the lamp for up to 20 hours, literally anywhere!

Outdoor Accent Lights

Hardwired Outdoor Lighting

Meridian Post Light Faceted-indoor-outdoor-pendant
Carson Wall Sconce Copper Kensgrove indoor outdoor ceiling fan

In the hardwire category (from top left, clockwise) we have several great picks. To illuminate the front of your home we love the classic stately design of the Meridian Post Light from Rejuvination. For indoor or outdoor, both the Faceted Pendant from Pottery Barn and the Carson Copper Wall Sconce by Rejuvination are wonderful. Finally, to begin cooling off those upcoming warm nights, the 72" oversized outdoor ceiling fan by Kensgrove in it's oil rubbed bronze finish, is as classic as it is functional.

Outdoor Lanterns

four corners hurricane anthropologie rattan solar lantern by target

Who doesn't need some outdoor lanterns? We picked two ends of the spectrum with these outdoor lanterns. First we are in love with the unique mix of modern and classic lines of the Four Corners Hurricanes by Anthropologie. But if you are bound by budget (hate when that happens) the cute and functional faux rattan Tear Drop solar lantern by Target is a must.

Pathway Lighting

Hardy Pathway Light by Hinkley

Finally, to help you get you where you are going, the bronze finished Hardy Pathway Light is sleek and clean by Hinkley, found on Wayfair.

Well that's a wrap from us here at Modern Lantern. So get out and enjoy the outdoors at anytime, day or night.

Thanks for listening and let us know your thoughts,
Carrie FItzwater


Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater


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