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Jynn Cordless Lamp - Antique Bronze


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Perfect fit for smaller spaces from desk to fireplace mantel to dining nook and since it is cordless, it can be all those options at any time regardless of cords and plugs. This lamp has a rich antique bronze painted metal finish with a nubby off-white linen drum shade. This rechargeable lamp is solely powered by a high performance Li-Ion 12V battery (hidden in the base) and powers a high output, low wattage, LED bulb. Charge up the battery, and light up your living space anywhere you desire, and recharging is so easy!

  • 8" dia. shade x 18.25"T
  • Antique bronze, hand-finished metal base with off white linen shade
  • INCLUDES rechargeable Li-Ion 12V battery, wall charger, and LED bulb
  • Provides equivalent output as standard 40W bulb for up to 20 hours on a full charge, but uses only a fraction of the electricity.


    • Overall: 9.5" diameter, 18.25" high
    • Shade: 8" diameter
    • Base: 7.75" diameter, 1.75" high
    • Battery (1): 12v Li-Ion super rechargeable battery, comes with AC converter/charger
    • Battery Life: Approx. 20 hours of life per charge
    • Charge Time: Approx. 3.5 hours
    • LED Bulb: 12V, 3 Watt warm light (approx. 2900K), lifespan lasts over 30,000 hrs.
    • Weight: Approx. 4.5 pounds
    • UL listed charger (included)
    • Designed in the USA, made in China
    • Patented


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Works Great, Fuctionality Execution Lacking

      We bought this lamp and it works great, exactly what we wanted, it looks good to, it is sturdy and well made.

      Why then 3 stars?

      Functionality, you have to turn the lamp upside down, open the door to unplug the battery and remove the battery. Take the battery where you can connect it to the charger and the lamp is out of service. Fine if that is the way you choose to do it then you should INCLUDE a second battery and not force your customers to pay $79.00 for that second battery.

      Quality Control, the lamp shade connection, that point at which the lamp shades top piece comes in contact with the lamp arm and the lamp shade is held in place by a large nut. I had to put a couple of toothpicks pieces on one side before tightening up the nut so the lamp shade was perpendicular. Without this the bottom of the lamp shade hit the vertical arm. Why not bend too well made 👍.

      Are these issues enough to return the lamp, absolutely note.
      Would I buy another lamp, yes
      Am I annoyed that a company can build such a great product and miss so completely on a functionality and quality control issse? DEFINATELY

      HI Nick, thanks for the feedback but sorry you are not 100% satisfied:( We honestly shoot for that with all our customers. In regards to your comments, we appreciate the feedback. The process of changing the pack is clearly shown on the video on About page, this is by design and part of our patent. Unfortunately the battery packs are very expensive for us to produce, so if we included the extra pack, naturally it would simply inflate the retail of the lamp the $79, so we leave it up to the customer. Some use their lamps daily, others just on occasion so it varies from customer to customer. But again this is spelled out clearly in the product listing that it includes one battery pack. Finally we did notice the minor issue when tightening the shade that it does not sit perfectly flush/level if you tighten the socket nut up all the way, we will address this in our next production run. You can simply not tighten the socket nut up 100% though and it should sit level for you without using the spacer as you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback and if we can be of further help, please reach out.
      Wonderful products and wonderful customer service!!!

      We are looking to order this lamp now - we already ordered the Capri lamp for my Mom. She absolutely loves the lamp and the quality is unbelievable. She had a new condo and needed a lamp in the middle of the room. It looks great and she uses it as a reading lamp every night. We had a small issue after a number of months with the charging of the lamp (battery was not keeping its charge long enough) and this company immediately mailed her a new one at no cost. I have referred numerous friends and family to this web-site and will continue to do so in the future. High quality lamps and great customer service!!

      THANKS Tracey for the nice review! We aim to please 100%.
      I am obsessed with our little cordless lamp!

      This lamp works perfectly with my new furniture, the style is lovely and the amount of light is perfect. We use it every night so I do have to recharge the batter about every 4 days. So I will definitely purchase a back up battery. I had an issue with a dent in the lampshade and Stephen Fitzwater provided EXCELLENT customer service with replacing the lampshade. And he was very patient with all my emails! Highly recommend this company and their products.

      You are most welcome Erica, thank you!
      In Love with Cordless

      I love My 1950's California Ranch with it open floor plan. Downside, everything is in the middle of the room, and my husband(the tech geek) will agree that I have this thing with cords all over the place, so I've gone without lamps. Great over head lighting but lacking in ambiance. Enter the cordless lamp! I'm so happy to have found these and will definitely be buying a twin for the other end of my sofa table. Friends are so intrigued, quite the conversation starter. Well packaged and no problems out of the box.

      Wow, thanks so much Barbara! Glad we could help;)
      Great little lamp

      As another reviewer mentioned, we too built a home without enough in-floor outlets. This little lamp does just what I hoped and lights up the side of the room that would otherwise be too dark. We have tested the battery life, and it does indeed exceed twenty hours. It's perfect! Currently thinking we will purchase a second larger lamp from Modern Lantern in the future.

      Thanks Catherine! We do repeat customer discount codes so please don't hesitate to reach out if you decide to get another, thanks!